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Bright of the Sky
by Kay Kenyon

Titus has entered the Entire before, but when he returned to our world it was by himself; his wife and daughter had stayed behind for reasons Titus does not remember. Upon his return, he makes it his mission to find them and to learn the reason they did not come back with him. The answer is both sad and bittersweet.

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Forest Mage
by Robin Hobb

Nevare is not the most likeable or heroic character Hobb has ever conceived, but I honestly felt for the guy and kept reading if only because I wanted to see his fortunes turn. More than that, though, Hobb kept me going with her usual excellent writing as she crafts a compelling story in this second novel in the Soldier Son series.

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Medieval Siege Warfare
by Christopher Gravett

A good, high-level overview of the different aspects of a siege. I don't know that you'd be able to go off and write a thesis on the subject based on this work alone, but it's thorough enough to satisfy the layman.

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by Paul S. Kemp

My review of Paul S. Kemp's Ephemera. A bit of a departure from Kemp's usual franchise work, this one nevertheless doesn't disappoint.

Audiobook Reviews

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
by Washington Irving

Enough cannot be said for the narration of Tom Mison, whose voice with its captivating eloquence and English accent is a treat for the ears. His having played the role of Ichabod Crane in the Sleepy Hollow television series aside, he is the perfect narrator for this story, as he captures the time period and the story’s classic language superbly.

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Sandman Slim
by Richard Kadrey

Stark just got back from Hell and he's got only one thing on his mind: revenge. A blend of noir detective novel and urban fantasy, Kadrey delivers a fast-paced story with plenty of gripping and laugh out loud moments throughout.

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The Dragon Keeper
by Robin Hobb

A likeable, diverse cast heads this first novel in the Rain Wilds Chronicles.

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The Children of Hurin
by J.R.R. Tolkien

Step into the wayback machine; this tale takes place long before The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings, when the First Dark Lord, Morgoth, sought dominion over all of Middle-Earth. It's an easier read than some of the other scholarly works of Tolkien and a much more enjoyable read as a result.

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The Alchemist's Apprentice
by Dave Duncan

Nostradamus has predicted a government official's murder and now that person has wound up dead. Did the Maestro perpetrate the crime to enhance his reputation as a soothsayer or is something more foul afoot? Mystery, intrigue, daring, and magic prevail in this debut novel in Duncan's Venice Series. As usual, Duncan does not fail to deliver.