Book Reviews

The Guns Above
by Robyn Bennis

War is hell, and no less so than on the hurricane deck of the Mistral, an airship whose captain, Lieutenant Josette Dupre, must muster her crew and fight through impossible odds or perish under the guns of their enemies. Needless to say, this book defines rip-roaring adventure.

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Blood Engines
by Tim Pratt

Pratt goes to great length to tell us how much of a bad ass Mason is, yet we never see that reflected in the unfolding story. It's for that reason that I'm reluctant to go ahead with this series.

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Four and Twenty Blackbirds
by Cherie Priest

An enjoyable read that could have used something more to elevate it.

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Claus: Legend of the Fat Man

An alternative take on the Father of Christmas that ultimately comes across as droll and uninteresting.

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The Postman
by David Brin

A novel that is good, apocalyptic fun with a hero who just so happens to be a postman.

Book Reviews

Hallowe'en Party
by Agatha Christie

A no-nonsense mystery story that just happens to occur during Halloween. I gave it three rockets because, while it's an entertaining enough book, it could have used a bit of drama to liven it up.