Book Reviews

The End of Summer: Thirteen Tales of Halloween
by J. Tonzelli

This collection of Halloween shorts demonstrates consistently good writing with characters that come to life (or death, as the case may be) in a realistic manner. This is a great read to help shift your mood into the spooky season.

Audiobook Reviews

Darth Plagueis
by James Luceno

Midi-chlorians aside, this is a fun read and an entertaining listen if you pick up the audiobook.

Book Reviews

Cugel's Saga
by Jack Vance

The ongoing adventures of Cugel the Clever continue in the third novel in the Dying Earth series. Will Cugel once more attempt to gain greatness with the least expenditure possible? It wouldn't be called Cugel's Saga if he didn't.

Book Reviews

Baptism of Fire
by Andrzej Sapkowski

The best book in the series so far, Baptism of Fire is marked by a series of notable events and characters who keep the pace moving and the reader's interest as Geralt (finally) takes center stage.

Book Reviews

Through Wolf's Eyes
by Jane Lindskold

Don't let the dated cover fool you. This is an excellent read with some truly intriguing characters.

Audiobook Reviews

Hell Divers
by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

A near perfect blend of dystopian and military science fiction. Prepare to jump!