Book Reviews

The Drawing of the Three
by Stephen King

A promising series fizzles out for me almost from the get-go in this second book in the Dark Tower series.

Book Reviews

The Mark of Ran
by Paul Kearney

I went into this with high hopes, but was ultimately disappointed. While I did finish The Mark of Ran, I have no desire to jump into book two.

Book Reviews

Reiffen's Choice
by S.C. Butler

Tolkien meets Harry Potter in the first of this three book series. Reiffen's Choice harkens back to the traditional fantasy tales of old. Fun and entertaining, it's a good read, albeit not entirely original.

Book Reviews

Vick’s Vultures
by Scott Warren

Vick's Vultures barely qualifies for two rockets. Confusing writing, flat characters, and marginal storytelling couldn't salvage an otherwise promising premise.

Book Reviews

Lord Darcy
by Randall Garrett

Flat characters never instilled in me a desire to see or care if the crimes were solved. Lord Darcy is a fail for me.

Book Reviews

Don’t Live For Your Obituary
by John Scalzi

Scalzi has the success and the genre cred to write a real book on writing. This is not that book.

Book Reviews

Sweet Silver Blues
by Glen Cook

Led me down such a herky-jerky path that the only thing clear to me was that I was not going to continue with the series.

Book Reviews

Ship of Magic
by Robin Hobb

Robin Hobb is one of my favorite authors. So of course I went into Ship of Magic expecting the usual greatness. Unfortunately, Hobb let me down on this one.

Movie Reviews

Bright, a Netflix Film

Bright starring Will Smith as LAPD officer Daryl Ward is one big, hot mess.